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Single Head Automatic Sewing Machine for Heavy Material

Suitable for thick material, stable stitch quality,Large working area, maximum working area 1200 x 800mm

Multi-head Automatic Sewing Machine(Thin Material)

Multi-Head sewing in synchronous, increase production efficiency dramatically.

Computerized Single Head Quilting Machine(Lifting Head)

Highest speed up to 3000rpm, normal working speed 2500-2800rpm with precise quilting.

Highest Speed Multi-Needle Rotary Hook Quilting Machine

Unique double needle row and jumbo rotary hook multi-needle lock stitch quilting machine, working speed up to 1500rpm.

Single Head Cap/Tubular Embroidery Machine

Speed for tubular embroidery: 850rpm,Cap embroidery speed: 750rpm,Motorized thread cutting, low noise design.Motor and linear rail color changing ensures accuracy.

Precise Flat Embroidery Machine

Series with elegant and compact machine structure, engage small working area but with good stability.

Home Textile Automatic Spreading Machine

The max spreading cloth weight up to 100kg,Adjustable machine speed from 0 to 80mts/min.

Vertical Inkjet Cutter Plotter

Easy USB connection,HP inkjet print head technology, easy and convenient to replace.

Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

Engraving software can work with Auto CAD, CorelDraw systems directly, and output original images perfectly.